Dana V. Stone

Dana Stone is a Life Mastery Consultant that helps her clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time in their career, health, relationships and time-money freedom.

She runs a coaching and speaking practice in Palm Beach Florida, that services clients around the world. Her focus everyday is on her clients, what they need, and what will bring them one more step (or a giant leap) closer to their overall goals, vision and life aspirations.

Dana’s mission is to empower her clients with the tools and skills necessary to create a a life they love living. With Dana’s expertise, clients can achieve the desired income, relationships and health they have been seeking.

Dana combines transformational principles with 15 years experience working in corporate America. She helps high level executives increase their companies productivity by becoming great leaders.

As a sought after speaker and trainer Dana offers transformational workshops to organizations around the country. Whether it’s a short 10 minute talk, a lunch and learn training, motivational keynote speech or a full day workshop your group organization or company will be ignited by the training and they will “thank you” for bringing Dana to them.

Dana learned how to specialize in transforming people’s lives through 25 years of studying transformational principles from various mentors from all over the world such as Ana Forrest, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Byron Katie, and an advanced coaching certificate with Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor.

Dana is well-versed in:
✓ Perception Shifts
✓ Money Mindset
✓ Healing the Past
✓ Motivational Speaking
✓ Empowering Workshops
✓ Smoking Cessation
✓ Relationship Attraction
✓ Business Development
✓ Employee Retention
✓ Certified to Administer and analyze DRiV:

DRiV is a leadership test-By identifying what drives and drains your people – where they find energy and inspiration – the DRiV helps predict optimal leadership styles, determine effective team composition, and implement more rewarding work practices.

Dana V. Stone is a one-of-kind life coach, if you are interested to work with an expert contact Dana at:

Phone: (561)906-2558
Email: Dana@danavstone.com

Workshops & Speaking

As a Life Mastery Consultant, Dana offers a number of programs in full-day, half-day and customized formats for large or small groups, in house corporate trainings, executive and personal retreats, or keynote speeches. Each workshop is carefully mapped out in its’s curriculum content for maximum effectiveness. 


When a person knows that they will be regularly masterminding with a coach – someone who is going to give them unwavering encouragement and high level support all the way to the finish line  – that person’s commitment, enthusiasm and belief in their goal increases exponentially.