About Dana

After studying the transformational principles as a means for self healing for 25 years, she left her corporate career and received an advanced coaching certificate from Brave Thinking Institute with Mary Morrissey. She has studied with many different coaching and spiritual leaders and practices such as Bob Proctor, Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, Ana Forrest, The Art of Living, TM, and currently Healing Alchemy with Karen Torres. She learned that we have been taught to live from conditions and circumstances instead of living from what we want, and the truth of who we are.

We are powerful! There are specific LAWS to success and once you understand them and get inline with them life becomes EASY! People often need to let go of their limiting belief system in order to open to a more joyful and abundant life.

Dana uses several different ways to help her clients do this, from her powerful Signature Release Call to her 6 months From Fear to Love paradigm shifting, life transforming program.

Dana is not here to sell you a program, she is devoted to your results. She is focused how she can best help her clients get extraordinary results. She only sees people in their POWER, never their problems. Dana lifts, teaches, and empowers her clients to live their life in joy, love and abundance in all aspects of life.

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” If you are looking for wisdom, guidance and support to navigate your life Dana is your dream come true!! She is an excellent Life Coach whom supported me through one of my life’s biggest challenges. Her unwavering compassion, ability to motivate me to step through the uncomfortable moments all while keeping a constant flow of positive energy surrounding me, is truly a gift. I am now on the other side, and and am beyond grateful to have found Dana!!”

-Julie Ellis

” I am a senior executive at a money management firm that was struggling for new clients, revenues, and market exposure. In the 3 months that I used Dana’s coaching my company transformed from my lowest expectations to beyond my highest hopes for growth. She helped me discover my roadblocks as well as new pathways to my own success. The difference she had made to my company and personal life simply cannot be overstated.

It is the one-on-one attention that differentiates Life Coaches from seminars, websites, and books, but it is Dana’s gift of giving that differentiates her from all the rest.

She is selfless, dedicated to others, and extremely professional.

In conclusion, if you wish to take your life to that “Imagine” level, hire Dana as your Life Coach.

I wholeheartedly recommend her Life Coaching services, especially those in the financial services sector. “

Mark Seski

Palm Beach Gardens. FL
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